About Brandy

About Brandy Maslowski
The Quilter on Fire

From Firefighter to Textile Artist let the creative adventures begin…

Get to Know Brandy

Quilter On Fire is Brandy Maslowski’s passion project. What started as a way to debrief and unwind after a stressful day job became an integral part of her life.

Moving from the prairies of Canada to the Okanagan in her 40s, Brandy now lives a life of quilting and outdoor adventure. Beyond her passion for quilting she loves good humans, hiking, travel and tea. For 30 years Brandy has turned to quilting and textile art as a way to destress and melt away her troubles. Her goal is to empower quilters to embrace their artistic side and find their inner creative zone.

Brandy’s Content

Brandy Maslowski is an art quilter and teacher known for her pursuit of more joy and less overwhelm in the classroom. She loves exploring the texture, colour and boundless possibilities of fabric and stitch. She travels the world to educate, speak and ignite creativity with the tag line More Joy, Less Overwhelm. Her weekly Quilter on Fire Podcast has explored the stories of creators on the quilting scene over the last 3 years and the feedback has overwhelmed her inbox with joy. She is also proud to be an Ambassador for BERNINA Canada and Madeira Threads.

Her content is designed to bring more joy and less overwhelm to quilters in their studio and her dream is to build a thriving community of creative quilters who dive into their studios again and again as their creative reprieve.