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Quilter on Fire

SQUARE ONE – Stepping into Textile Art Bootcamp

3 hours
COMING SOON! Brandy hosts this bootcamp several times per year as a precursor for her Confident & Creative Textile Artist Masterclass. Get on the email list today to find out more…


1 day
Live (on zoom)
Create a beautiful fibre art piece to mount on any size canvas or wood panel. Dive into those favourite batiks that you tuck away into your stash and never cut up!

Artful Wine Bags

1 day
Live (on zoom)
Wine Bottle Bags with Fibre Art Techniques! This beginner class is great for newbies to fibre art as well as advanced students who want to explore their creative side.

Most Loved Products

These are the Quilter on Fire products most purchased by you. Thank you so much for supporting a small Canadian Quilting business. Our goal is to help you take your quilting to the next level and help you find your creative zone.

Kristy’s Quilt post thumbnail

Kristy’s Quilt

Books & Cards


Kristy’s Quilt is a heartwarming quilt adventure based on a true story. This children’s book features 10 year old Kristy, a …

Glorious & Free Original Pattern post thumbnail

Glorious & Free Original Pattern



Pattern for Glorious and Free Quilter on Fire is proud to have this quilt on display at IPSC Support Centres across …


Grab a Cup of Tea and Listen in to the Quilter on Fire Podcast

Quilting is the best hobby on earth! From quilts and fibre art to wearables and bags, it brings you immense joy and it’s a great stress reliever. Join Brandy Maslowski, a.k.a the Quilter on Fire, as she brings you the latest tips, tricks, quilting topics and interviews guests from all over the world. If you have a passion for quilting, then this show’s for you.

Meet Brandy

Brandy Maslowski is a serial quilter and fibre artist, and loves humans, hiking and tea. She brings more joy and less overwhelm to quilters as a quilt teacher, speaker, podcaster and travel tour host. You can find her as the Quilter on Fire everywhere on social media and listen to the Quilter on Fire Podcast every Tuesday at 1pm Pacific Time.

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